The good thing of violin app

VIoly may be the must-have app for Violin, Viola, and Cello understanding and practicing.
Violy application makes the string tools practice easier for the popular music educators, students, and all-level players. It listens, auditions your own personal music process!
Violy can easily hear and abide by your current practice with no any extra equipment, with the end, Violy provides audition results and results.

You can have 15 days and nights gift idea to achieve Premium features.
Possibly if you are not just a Premium user, most associated with capabilities are available in order to you, include printable music download and audition.

The reason why Violy

VIoly makes music/music musical instrument practice easier.
For university student: real-time audition feedback;
Violy raises efficiency involving procedure. Students can remain a problem often the music studying with simply no issues.

For teacher: real-time home work report;
Spend significantly less time to correct student’s standard parts since intonation, groove, etc. Together with teach pupils more efficiently, know more about some sort of student’s performance.
For violin app : little more pain as songs practice partner;
Have the comprehensive view of your own personal little ones music skill.

The way to use

Make your sensible device at hand.
The particular app, find the piece music you intend to practice, in addition to click to view the page in Casting method. Wise Start: carry out open strings 1/2/3/4 (E, A good, N, G with regard to violin) within turn, and start a new practice.

Score Following: typically the app recognizes your performance. In the meantime, the cursor on the bed sheet will find up with the popular music you may have played. At this end of the casting, the app evaluates typically the practice, and outputs the actual result. Score and stats: research each note in improper intonation/rhythm, and the toss counter of each take note.


Energetic score right after for Casting:
Smart Commence: no system operations essential. just play the open up strings to begin a process.

Music right after: during often the practice, the cursor employs the played sound, plus automatically jumps towards the proper point.

Automatic Give up: little device operations expected. In the event you want to cease the procedure, just cease playing.

Part Exercising: start out playing any kind of time start position, just click in piece music to set a good begin point.

Repeat Clues: repeated sections of the sheet tunes are reinforced well. You can set to turn off the continued section.

Polyphony: the app comply with multiple parts for the sheet music, and indicates often the bias on each one note.