Best mattress Topper 90×200 cm

The practical mattress topper with a height of 4 to 10 cm, there are of course in a compact form with dimensions of 90×200 cm. In this case, they are used two ways, according to need and bed system. Alternatively, in a rather small single bed of identical dimensions or in the form of a double topper in double beds, if your partner and you have different sleeping needs and want to live them out.

Visco Topper 90×200

This is probably the most popular version of the topper. Viscous foam adapts very well to the body, helps to prevent pressure points, protects the joints and is therefore recommended especially for people with frequent back or neck ailments. Visco is also extremely soft and therefore a good choice if you find your mattress too hard. Especially in the 90×200 cm mattress topper size also great if your partner and you have different needs in hardness. The Visco foam of the Visco Toppers also increases the sleeping climate, which is why it is not necessarily suitable for people who tend to sweat profusely during sleep.

Cold foam topper in 90×200 cm

Toppers with 90×200 cm dimensions made of cold foam offer a very high sleeping and lying comfort. A great strength is their reliable supporting power. In addition, cold foam adapts very individually and can quickly return to its original shape, which makes it the perfect choice for restless sleepers who turn more frequently in their sleep, turn around and change their own position. In addition, cold foam toppers are breathable, which is why they favor the temperature of the bed and become a wonderful solution for anyone who is often warm in bed or who are even prone to heavy sweating.

90×200 cm gel topper

Gel foam is still a relatively new material and is characterized above all by the fact that the strengths of viscose and cold foam are combined. Among other things, gel foam offers a very good point-elastic effect with an equally high-pressure relief, which is why the gel foam is suitable for all sleeping positions.

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